Indoor Talks 2017

February 6th>> Sheffield salesman to the world // speaker Mick Spick

March 6th >> Street names of Sheffield  // speaker David Templeman

April 3rd >> Chatsworth and the other houses owned by Bess of Hardwick // Peter Machon

May 8th>> Edward Carpenter // speaker Suzanne Bingham

June 5th >> Wish you were here // speaker Cate Goodhand

July 3rd >> The history of Booth and Fisher // speaker Andy Firth

August 7th  >> Another Mystery Box // presented by the Leader brothers

September 4th >> Cathedrals and how they were built // speaker Pat Mcloughlin

October 2nd >> Through Kirton Tunnel // presented by Stephen Gay

November 7th >> Chesterfield canal Past present and future // speaker John Lower

December 4th >> How the Tudors celebrated Christmas // presented by Maureen Taylor

All the meetings are held in Handsworth Parish Centre (down the lane at the side of St Mary’s church and turn left into the car park) they start at 7.30pm – cost per meeting £1.50. and there is a raffle for prizes at £1 per go

Group Visits in 2017

March 8th > S.U.F.C. Museum

April 5th > Shepherd Wheel //

May 3rd > National Emergency Service Museum //

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