There are many publications which feature Old Handsworth. Two are listed below. These have been produced to show how the area has changed greatly in the last 80 years since the parish became part of the City of Sheffield.

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 I have lived most of my life in Handsworth and have seen it change dramatically over the years. I hope this collection of old photographs goes someway to recording those changes and remembering the colourful characters from days gone by. Sandra Gillott HHS.

Published by ARC Publishing and Print, Sheffield. August 2009.

H book cover Although now a suburb of Sheffield, Handsworth has a long and interesting history. The name is Anglo-Saxon for ‘the enclosure belonging to Hand’ and the village is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. This fascinating collection of nearly 240 photographs, period advertisements and other ephemera captures the last 150 years or so of the village’s history. The earliest pictures show a peaceful, rural scene with farmland and extensive woodland, but since Handsworth became part of the City of Sheffield in 1921 it has changed beyond all recognition. This pictorial journey guides the reader through Handsworth old and new, encompassing views of the roads to Richmond, Darnall and Woodhouse. Alongside older views are more recent photographs showing the development of the housing estates which now cover much of the village’s land. There are chapters dedicated to the churches, public houses and the people themselves. The photographs have been drawn from many sources including family albums of members of the Handsworth Historical Society and the author’s own collection. They are accompanied throughout by informative captions. This compilation will appeal to all residents of Handsworth, whether as a nostalgic reminder of days gone or as a valuable historical reference.  Images of England – Handsworth, compiled by Sandra Gillott. Tempus Publishing 1999.

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